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Chilling like a local in Koh Lanta

We’re currently in Koh Lanta and we really love it…so much so that we decided to add an extra 2 nights, so that we’re here for 7 in total, the longest we’ve stayed anywhere (and will stay!) on the trip.

We got here from Phuket by boat, with a short stopover at Phi Phi (which was a bit too expensive for us this time) and arrived at a very hectic Lanta port. We had to pay 10 Baht each to enter the island (about 25p) before we found a tuk tuk to take us to Khong Klong beach. The tuk tuk was so much fun (despite feeling like I may have died at any point) and our guy (chosen for his Liverpool shirt) picked up enough speed that my bum definitely left the seat a couple of times over bumps!

Our guesthouse (Lanta Just come) is lovely, our room is huge and the bed is so comfy that we never actually want to get out in the morning. Despite this comfy bed we’ve been setting our alarms for 8am, and actually getting to the beach for between 8:30 and 9am…this means that we have 3 or so hours on the beach before the sun gets hot. And when I say hot, I mean HOT! The beach gets fairly quiet and only those people who actually turn mahogany stay on the beach. As you all know, I am NOT one of those people…I happen to think that my skin is as brown as it will go for the rest of the trip…and I’m still white. Unfortunate I know, but people are genuinely going to have a hard time believing that I’ve actually been in SE Asia for 3 months!

So our 7 days has (and will for the remainder of our time here) consisted of an early morning beach jaunt, a relax for a few hours out of the sun, another beach jaunt for the sunset and an amazing evening meal at the little Thai place, which has a total bill of £4 yet neither of us could eat another thing! Hard life huh?!

It’s just so relaxed here that it would be rude to do anything more energetic! We have enough of that to come!

Phuket was completely different; much busier and much more touristy. I don’t know if I’d go back, but I enjoyed it – definitely glad that we were on the ‘quiet’ beach though, and not the crazy one. We picked up our lovely beach towels from there though – with elephants on!

So our plan for the next couple of days is pretty much the same, except we’re gonna find ourselves another tuk tuk so that we can visit Saladan (town 6 km away). To be honest, I’m just excited about the tuk tuk!






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En route to Phuket

So I thought that I'd let you all know we're safely at Phuket, after a ridiculously long journey! When we finally got to the airport in KL, we had a 5 hour wait ahead of us. We finally go to board, and the guy who checks our boarding passes tells us to go to (or what I thought he said...) F7 T1, which kind of made sense to me. So we walking to find the plane and I saw plenty of Fnumbers, but no Tnumbers...Lee told me (in a patronising voice) it's F71! But I was positive I was right and told him he was being stupid...until we were directed to F71 (sevenTY-one?!). Alas. Maybe I'm a bit thick!

A few hours later we had new stamps in our passports, our bags were safely on our backs and we were trying to find a taxi to take us the hours journey to Kata. We got into our designated taxi and waited while our driver attempted to close the boot. 10 minutes later we were standing out of the taxi and waiting for a replacement car when another taxi driver came over to find out what the problem was...2 seconds later the boot was closed, and our poor taxi driver was looking extremely embarrassed and confused! Our hours taxi journey was spent listening to songs with lyrics such as 'how big is your banana', 'lets move like a pole dancer'...joy of joys!

Ahh the joys of Thailand! But the beach is great, the weather is great, our room is great, and the food is amazing! :)

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Goodbye Malaysia

Today is the day that we say good bye to not only Kuala Lumpur, but to Malaysia, to board our 6pm Air Asia flight to Phuket…exciting!

We’ve loved Malaysia, the people are so friendly, the food is amazing (!) and the places and sights are beautiful. We definitely want to come back here, and I definitely recommend it?! Come for your 3 week summer holiday! Malaysia photos are now up on my facebook too!

So anyway, we’ve been in Kuala Lumpur (KL) for 5 days, it’s a pretty crazy city to be honest. We can walk to the Petronas Towers from our guesthouse in about 30 minutes, spending only about 5 minutes outside of air conditioned malls and walkways…crazy! KL is apparently the 2nd best shopping destination in Asia, and I’m struggling to believe there can be anywhere with more shops! Oh how I wish I could fit more things into my rucksack!

We visited the Petronas Towers about 4 times while we’ve been here, we can’t get enough of them! Of a night when they’re lit up, they’re amazing, completely unlike the ugly image I get in my mind when I think of ‘skyscraper’ (slash really big building) which usually resembles a 70s concrete slab… we bought advance tickets (tip of the day: don’t be an idiot and queue up at 6.30am to get a ticket for that day; stroll in mid-afternoon and get one for a couple of days time, and you can’t buy them online) for our penultimate day. The whole experience was great, 100% worth doing if you ever come to KL. The whole tour group is split into 3; there were about 15 in our group, with the very good intention of not over-crowding the views. Before the tour started, we were shown a hologram – yes, a hologram (!) very star treky – telling us what was going to happen, and the general health and safety info. We then all crowded into a lift and wizzed up to the 41st floor to the skywalk. The first lovely piece of information we were told was that the skywalk isn’t actually connected to the 2 buildings; it was allowed to be loose, and therefore to move. Thanks! Luckily it either wasn’t windy, or moved such small amounts that I didn’t notice it, and was able to admire the ridiculous views of KL. We then moved on to the next lift, to go to the 86th floor. The views from here were even more ridiculous, we could see pretty much the whole of KL, and the mountains in the distance. All in all, we loved it, and bought a beautiful print from the gift shop (noticeably cheaper than any gift shop back home!)

While in KL we also wandered over to China Town, Merdeka Square (where their independence was declared) and the central market (think traditional crafts etc).

So selamat tinggal Malaysia (we say with a tear), and sa-wat-dee Thailand.

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers

Beautiful Fountains (behind the Towers)

Beautiful Fountains (behind the Towers)

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Senari Bay Resort, Langkawi

Firstly, I apologise if some of my blogs are being duplicated, travellerspoint seems to have a mind of it's own sometimes! The wifi is back up at Senari Bay so I took this to hide from the sun for a short while and update all of you guys on the fun we're having.

Yesterday we went up the cable car...oh my gosh it was SCARY, especially when someone kept on standing up and moving round the car!! The views from the top were amazing though, so beautiful. You could see the whole island! The sandstone formation we were standing on is the oldest in SE Asia too, which was pretty cool (it's always interesting to read the signs....!). ''Unfortunately'' the sdkybridge was out of order for repairs, which I wasn't overly sad about! To be honest though, we didn't think it would have added more in terms of the view anyway.

On the way back down we had to share our car with other people which was awful because I couldn't tell them to sit down!! The trees looked like huge bunches of broccoli from the car too, and we saw waterfalls, just beautiful!

Today is our last day on Langkawi before we fly to Kuala Lumpur and we're having a lazy day doing nothing. There are lovely beach chairs right next to our little bay which is where we're sitting reading our kindles and admiring the view. Already we've seen a huge, 3 ft lizard swim from one side of the bay to the other, and 2 amazing eagles circling some fish right infront of us. So, no offence, but I'm not going to sit here waffling to you when I've got all that outside, sorry!!!

View from the cable car mountain

View from the cable car mountain

View from our door at Senari Bay

View from our door at Senari Bay

Senari Bay View

Senari Bay View

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Lovely Langkawi

Ok, so I learnt a pretty large lesson today. My lovely boyfriend really does not appreciate me shouting “Monkeys!! There’s some monkeys!” in a rather scouse accent (apparently) down his ear whilst he’s driving. Apparently it ain’t cool. I was only showing him the monkeys on the side of the road – everyone likes to see monkeys playing on the sides of roads. Especially when you’re only used to seeing them attacking wing mirrors in Knowsley Safari Park…

So we’re in Langkawi, it’s really pretty. Much quieter than Penang, but also much hotter! We arrived a couple of days ago by ‘ferry’. When somebody tells you that you’re going somewhere by ferry, you immediately have a pretty large ship in your mind. Well I do anyway…I’m used to the ferries in Liverpool, and the ones we got when we were island hopping in Greece (massive). I would even think of the kind of small ferry that me and girls used to get to go to the beach in Portugal. What we got wasn’t a ferry! All we could see was this speedboat shaped boat rocking madly really low down in the sea, making our stomachs churn at the mere thought of spending 3 hours aboard…! The resulting journey was actually alright, despite the fact that they loved playing cheesy music from the 80s/90s! Our guesthouse (Langkawi Cottage) was really lovely, very friendly, a real backpacker place, it just had one major downside…no air con. You may be thinking (in a very sarcastic, mocking tone) “oh NO, Jenny doesn’t have air con?! In her lovely tropical country? Where the sun is always shining and she isn’t coming home any time soon?! Oh NO, I feel so sorry for Jenny!” (for those who did say/think this….you’re off the present list!) It did actually prove to be annoying! You’d come back from crazy crazy heat, and your room was just as hot as it was outside! Awful! Thank goodness for the lovely resort we’re staying in now, which has air con, and a fan, and a joining bathroom etc etc…! We also have a view of the sea, from our room, and it’s pretty. And there are hammocks and sun loungers outside. Perfect.

So, to stop gloating about where we’re staying, we haven’t really done much the past few days, apart from explore, stop for a drink, and eat amazing food! Apart from today. Today we decided to rent a car for a couple of days, so that we can see the whole island. We had so much fun in our little ‘Dream Machine’. We drove up a mountain (c. 900 m we think) and the views of the island were insane! It was so beautiful, we loved it! That was when we saw the monkeys too, lots of monkeys! And the odd wild dog and some cows. We drove past some ridiculously expensive looking resorts too, as soon as we get wifi we’re going to look at prices! We even saw in the distance the skybridge, which makes me feel sick just thinking about it (and we’re doing it tomorrow…). The skybridge is a suspension bridge between 2 mountain tops, that you access via a 42o angle cable car. Oh, is that all is it?! Thankfully this time I’ll have no bags to throw in as well as myself, and I’ll the sensible boyfriend to tell me not to jump out at the half way station (unlike in the Alps…). Wish me luck! Sorry I can’t stick around, I have to go and read my book outside on a hammock, the things you gotta do hey?!

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