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Hello all!

Some of you lovely people may have read the blog from Shanghai (http://jenick.travellerspoint.com/3/), and so many of you will know what delights are awaiting your viewing pleasure. This first posting is more of a practice run, both for me and for you (so that you’ll know how to read my future and much more exciting posts).

My trip starts in ten days time, and despite feeling extremely excited (obviously), I don’t feel ready, not even in the slightest bit. I have no clothes, I have no toiletries, my camera is dead to the world, I have no suncream or mosquito repellent, and I have no idea whether I need to print a boarding pass, or collect it on the day for my outgoing flight on the 29th December...oops.

I am however, ‘up-to-date with my injections’. That basically means I’ve forked over too much money, for too many needles getting stuck into my arm. So rabid animals look out, because I have an extra 24 hours to get to a hospital (all for the non-discounted price of £191.97), THANKS Well Travelled Clinic!

I also have the much needed insurance documents (one of the first things bought after my poor purse was stolen in Shanghai). I personally feel that insurance companies should allow you to add on an extra day (maybe up to about a week) to your ‘X’ month policy, as I had to fork out for 4 months worth of cover, despite only travelling for 3 months and a day...

As I’ve been telling people, with excited hand gestures, and a raised voice full of joy (whilst unconsciously ignoring their greening faces) I have been told story after story of HORRORS. Huge jumping spiders, clouds of malaria infected mosquitoes, terrible diseases (that according to the lady in the Well Travelled Clinic) I’m definitely 100% going to get (like insects inside your skin if you swim in lakes)! So what do I say to these people?? Well, that’s why I have my trusty boyfriend Lee with me – to remove the spiders and the cockroaches before I clasp eyes on them, to experiment in the insect ridden waters before I jump in, and to spray me with 55% deet EVERYWHERE every couple of hours. Then I smile confidently, whilst they look dubiously on, clearly thinking I’m a nutter.

So, wish me luck for over the next 10 days, because not only do I still have 5 days left in work (my last day is Sunday and I CANNOT wait!), I have to buy Christmas presents, wrap Christmas presents, buy Christmas cards, write Christmas cards, buy mountains of deet (even though I’ll still most likely win the world record for most mosquito bites), buy sunblock (as despite being in the sun for 3 months (and a day) I’ll still look as white as a ghost), buy hand gel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, anti-biotics etc. Etc. Etc. Oh, and I need to pack everything into a 45 litre rucksack, leaving enough room for the inevitable souvenirs, presents, and things that I just couldn’t face leaving behind...it looks worse now that I’ve written it down!

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