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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu... 30.03.2013
Halong Bay 30.03.2013
Are we really in Hanoi?! 23.03.2013
A Lesson In… 18.03.2013
Would you like tiger balm in a spider-man? 18.03.2013
The Bus Journey 18.03.2013
Ho Chi Minh City. Or Saigon for all you oldies out there... 18.03.2013
Dreaded Mosquitos 09.03.2013
Upsetting Cambodian History 05.03.2013
Embarrassing Myself. Again. 05.03.2013
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 25.02.2013
The unfortunate incident with the fence 22.02.2013
Water water everywhere... 16.02.2013
We love bicycles 10.02.2013
Humidity 37-1 Jenny 05.02.2013
Chilling like a local in Koh Lanta 25.01.2013
En route to Phuket 18.01.2013
Goodbye Malaysia 16.01.2013
Senari Bay Resort, Langkawi 10.01.2013
Lovely Langkawi 10.01.2013
A Penang Suntan... 06.01.2013
Melaka 04.01.2013
Animals, fireworks and more animals... 02.01.2013
Animals, fireworks and yet more animals... 01.01.2013
To The Airport I Go... 29.12.2012
Preparations... 19.12.2012